Sublime Text 3 using miniconda

The conda package for Sublime Text 3 in default configuration is prefering Anaconda. Neverless by adjusting some paths, you’ll be able to use miniconda aswell.

The source block below was taken for a installation of miniconda (with Python 3.6) x64 on a Windows workstation. The paths might be different on a macOS or Linux machine.

// Default settings for sublime-text-conda:
    // executable is the path to anaconda's python
    // this python executable is used in order to find conda
    "executable": "~\\AppData\\Local\\Continuum\\miniconda3\\python",

    // Directory in which the conda envs are stored
    // Default location is the user's home directory
    "environment_directory": "~\\AppData\\Local\\Continuum\\miniconda3\\envs\\",

    // configuration is the path to conda's configuration file
    "configuration": "~/.condarc"